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Italstone, ceramic slabs 12mm thick, interprets the evolution of the finest products in porcelain stoneware, where styling and functionality merge together.

Italstone, large ceramic slabs 12 and 6 mm thick, is devised to best express all the potential of this material, as well as its distinctive technical excellence with the privilege of the utmost freedom of expression, interpreting the natural evolution of the finest products in porcelain stoneware, where styling and functionality merge together with a keen eye on the future.

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Italstone porcelain stoneware slabs are pure, perfect and incorruptible material, which gives rise to an endless range of design solutions. The slabs are available in a single large size (160x320 mm) and are produced in two different thicknesses (12 and 6 mm) which allow extreme care for details. From marble-effect porcelain stoneware to exclusive metals and cements with a contemporary look, Italstone’s large slabs come in several finishes to create settings and interior home features in tune with the floors and wall claddings, which are easy to furnish, to enjoy and to love.

Thanks to a sophisticated combination of culture and technology, Italstone ceramic stoneware guarantees the best technical performance levels for both residential and professional use.
Cleaning porcelain stoneware is very simple as the material is structurally hygienic and non-porose, resistant to detergents and acids, it can withstand high temperatures and requires no special maintenance.

Italstone’s porcelain stoneware is perfect for direct contact with food, knives, liquids and piping hot utensils on its surface, proving itself resistant to wear while retaining its impeccable properties over time.

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Thanks to these qualities and to its superior creative flexibility, Italstone caters to the needs of interior design specialists as the perfect solution for indoor or outdoor porcelain stoneware coverings which meet the new needs of the construction and home furnishings industry while ensuring outstanding resistance to atmospheric agents and urban pollution.

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